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In the distant future, two factions fight for control over space. As neither side has any particular advantage over the other, it is a constant stalemate. Only absolute domination by one of the factions can end this perpetual war, and this can only be achieved by pure piloting skill. Will you be the one to end this nightmare?

Pacewar is a relatively simple fighting game between two teams of space ships. A team wins the round when all ships of the other team are destroyed, and a certain number of victories more than the other player is needed to win the game. But there's a catch: as a team gets closer to winning, it loses ships, so you need to be better than the other team to succeed.

Human players take over one ship at a time from their respective teams. If a human player's ship is destroyed, that human player takes over an AI ship from their team randomly. This ensures that the human players are always in the game.

Install instructions

Note for Windows users: The Windows build requires the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable runtime to be installed. You can find it here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads


pacewar-1.6.7-linux-amd64.tar.gz 29 MB
pacewar-1.6.7-win64.zip 23 MB
pacewar-1.6.7-src.tar.gz 7 MB
pacewar-1.6.7-src.zip 7 MB

Development log


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Hi, I bought this game in the DIG Desura Bundle 4 (I can email you evidence if you like). You didn't promise keys for other platforms but I'd quite like to own it on Itch (not just download it). Would you be able to provide an Itch key please?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. This is a free game, so no key is required; you can download it already. The same goes for GameJolt, another platform this game can be found on.

I think I recall the Desura bundle you’re talking about but that was something someone else was doing and that we just said we were ok with (since Pacewar, like all of our games, is open source). We provided them with a bunch of Desura keys or something so they could give them away. Other than that we had no involvement in that.

Sorry, I mean on Itch you have a library of items you own, at https://itch.io/my-purchases . As well as items you've paid for, it includes redeemed keys and items claimed for free. Claimable items/games have a button to "Download or claim" instead of just "Download".

I just want to add Pacewar for completeness (and because I owned it on Desura)

Do you mean one of these?


If so let me know if you got it or if someone else “claimed” it before you could. I assume no one will since activity here is low, but if that does happen I can send it to you some other way (I don’t see a system for DMs but you can let me know how).

This is all new to me. 😅

Yes, that worked thank you! It now says "You own this game"